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The department of criminal procedure and criminalistics was set up in 1999 as a result of the division of the department of criminal law and procedure. The teacher’s staff of the department provide training in the following general courses: Criminal procedure of Ukraine, Criminalistics, Procurator’s supervision in Ukraine, Legal psychology, Judicial and law-enforcing bodies of Ukraine, and also the special courses such as Arrangements of procurator’s office work, Procurator’s supervision over the observance of laws during the prejudicial inquiry, Methodology for investigating of some types of crimes, Procedural order and tactics employed to conduct investigative procedures and their processing. The theory and practice of evidence and proof in the criminal jurisdiction. Application of the Convention on Human rights in the criminal jurisdiction. Human rights advocacy. Evidence and proof in the criminal process. Smuggling case proof. Smuggling case inquiry (for specialists). International judicial assistance in the criminal jurisdiction. The use of special knowledge in the criminal jurisdiction.

Of criminal – procedural activity, Theoretical issues of criminal justice, court handling in criminal cases, restorative justice in criminal cases (Master’s program)

There alsoa post graduate study program is functioning within the department on specialty 12.00.09- criminal procedure and criminalistics, operative-search activity.

At present 19 scholars are engaged in scientific activity:

Nor.V.T. – chairperson of the department, Professor, Doctor of Law Sciences

Kohutych I.I. – Professor, Doctor of Law Sciences

Anikina N.P. Senior Lecturer

Bahrii M.V.- Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Bereskyi Y.O. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Bobechko N.R.- Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Boiko V.P. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Voinarovych A.B.- Lecturer, Candidate of Law Sciences

Huzela M. V. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

HulkevychZ.T.- Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Zholnovych I.V. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Kaluzhna O.M. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Kovna U. S. – Lecturer, Candidate of Law Sciences

Luzyk V.V.- Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Mazur M.R. – Lecturer, Candidate of Law Sciences

Malaniuk A. H. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Muradov V.V. – Lecturer

Pavlyshyn A.A.- Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Fihurskyi V.M. – Docent, Candidate of Law Sciences

Kryklyvez D.S. Lecturer

The department was established in 1784 as a part of a law faculty and was named a department of criminal law and procedure. After the revolution in 1848 the Austrian government in a form of concessions to Galician Ukrainianscreated two departmentsat the law faculty: department of criminal and civil law and procedure with delivering in Ukrainian language. Newly created department of criminal law and procedure was headed by VladyslavSrokovskyi. From 1876 criminal law was conducted in Ukrainian language by Ivan Dobzhanskyi.

Among prominent scholars of that period it is worth distinguishing P. Stebelskyi (1857- 1923) who graduated from the law faculty of Lviv National University in 1878. For some period of time he was working in Lviv municipal court, then several years he was practicing as a lawyer. From 1885 he became a lecturer and researcher and from 1892 he was a professor at the department of criminal law and procedure at Lviv University. He actively researched system of Austrian criminal and criminal-procedural law issues of justice, published a commentary on Austrian criminal and procedural law ‘Austrian Criminal Penal Process. (1900,1901).

In the beginning of the 20 century a course of criminal law and procedure was conducted by Y. Davydiak (1879- 1961) who graduated from the law faculty of Lviv National University, and who worked as a lawyer assistant (1904- 1912) and as a lawyer (1912-1914, 1921- 1939). At the same time (to 1925)he was lecturing criminal procedure in Secret Ukrainian University and was the last Rector of Ukrainian Free University. During 1939-1941 and 1945-158 he worked as a docent at the department of criminal law and procedure at Lviv National University.

During 1907- 1955(with intervals) the course of criminal law at the department was delivered by Y. Makarevych (1872-155), who was one of the founders of sociological school of criminal law as well as docent O. Pashe-Ozersky. For a long period of time Y. Makarevych had been a chairperson of the department of criminal law and procedure.

After the World War II professor S. Hofman from Sverdlovsky University (1892- 1967) joined the department for the permanent work and together with Yu. Makarevych conducted criminal and criminal-procedural law at the university.

Duringthe post war period professors Y. Makarevych, P. Mykhailenko (1949- 1956), docents I. Tyrichev (1962- 1972), V. Lisizyn (1972-1976), V. Nor (1976-1999) held the position of a chairperson at the department.   At the Soviet period such outstanding scholars as as M. Naklovych, a docent, worked at the department (1919- 2005), who during 1945-1986 delivered lectures in criminal law, V. Lisizyn (1924- 1997) during 1954-1976 had been delivering course of lectures on criminalistics. A Zhalinckyi (1932) who during 1961- 1975 conducteda course of lectures on criminal procedure and after a while criminology,   a docent and later a professor M. Kostyzky from 1976- till 1993 delivered lectures from criminal law, criminal procedure, legal psychology; senior lecturer P. Bondarenko (1903- 1979) conducted a course in criminal- procedural law;associate professor P. Zemlianskyi (1928- 2007) during 1966-1998 was giving lectures in criminalistics and judicial and law enforcement bodies; public prosecutor criminalist from Lviv Regional Public Prosecutor Office,M.Yoffe (1923) and O. Harsun, during 1998- 2002 delivered lectures in methodology of investigation of certain types of crimes;Z. Kotyk (1947), regional public prosecutor, during 1994-1995, 1997- 1999 as a lecturer gave lectures from organizational and functional activity of Public Prosecutor Office in Ukraine; during 1991- 1999 a course of criminal law was conducted by docent and later professors V. Hryshcuk (1950) and V. Navrozky (1956), a docent B. Kyrys.

The department of criminal law and procedure at the Law Faculty had existed by 1999, then on its base according to Rectors order of Lviv National University №158 dated February 16, 1999 as a result of division of the department of criminal law and procedure there were created two individual departments: the department of criminal law and criminology and the department of criminal procedureand criminalistics, the latter was headed by V. Nor professor and academician of the National Academy of Legal Sciences.

The scientific school of criminal justice which is functioning at the department was founded in the mid 80ties in the 20 century by professor V. Nor. At present time this school unites 2 doctors and 14 candidates of legal sciences. It includes a wide range of issues and attainments: there was created a domestic conceptual doctrine about the defense of property and individual non – property rights and legal interests of the injured ( crime victims) with the help of criminal- procedural form (in criminal justice); it has been defined and examined all possible ways and methods of rights and interest of the injured party which were mentioned, especially civil suits in criminal cases in domestic and international justice protection. (V. Nor, N. Anikina, B. Vashcuk, M. Hosovsky, O. Krykunov); adjudication of reimbursement to a crime victim on personal initiative of a court. (V. Nor, M. Huzela, N. Fedorchuk); recovery by criminal–legal restitution (V. Nor, R. Koriakin) imposing on the defendant criminal legal duty by court (as a punishment or probation) to compensate the inflicted property damage (V. Nor, A. Boiko). Alsoindividually there was examined legal regulation and its practical application directed on: defense of thementioned rights and legal interests of the injured in criminal justice of Anglo – American system of law ( V. Nor, N. Fedorchuk); handling of criminal cases connected with international relationships (V.Nor, A. Malaniuk); determination and exemption of the costs (V. Nor, A. Pavlyshyn); researching of the principle of prohibition ”reimbursement for the worst ” (V. Nor, V. Boiko) and the principle of dispositivity (V. Nor, V. Navrozka) in the criminal justice. There have been published nearly 150 publications and 3 monographs (V. Nor, A. Boiko, A. Pavlyshyn); initiated more than 40 proposals for the legislator, directed to the improvement of current criminal legislation concerning as to defense of violated by crime property and individual non property rights and interests of the injured, the main part of those are used in the process of reformation of criminal- procedural legislation. Representatives of the scientific school (V. Boiko, A. Malaniuk, V. Nor, A. Pavlyshyn) as a part of the working groups (VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine and President of Ukraine) took part in a preparation of alternative drafts of the new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine. 27 candidates of law were trained according to the scientific fields. The department has trained specialists (Bachelors, Specialists and Masters) on specialty of jurisprudence at full time study and extramural study. There is also a postgraduate study program functioning within the department on specialty 12.00.09, criminal procedure and criminalistics, forensic expertise, operative serch activity.

The department of criminal process and criminalistics is situated on the fourth floor of the Law faculty of Lviv National University (room 509-513) and occupies 3 rooms: laboratory room and 2 lecturers’ rooms, a library, catalogue premises. Criminalistics functions at the department providingpractical and laboratory lessons on criminalistics. There are also two student scientific circles functions there: on criminalisticsisues and criminal procedural issues. Their members participate in regional and international conferences and take part in the contests of student scientific researches.

The department provides training of the following subjects: criminal procedure of Ukraine, criminalistics, public prosecutor’s supervision in Ukraine, legal psychology, judicial and law enforcement bodies of Ukraine and several special teaching courses such as : organization of public prosecutor’s work, public prosecutor’s supervision on observance of laws during pretrial investigation, methods   of investigation of certain types of crimes, procedural order and tactics of conducting investigation actions and its execution, theory and practice of evidence and proving in criminal legal proceedings, application of the Convention on Human Rights in criminal justice, legal defense activity of lawyer, evidence in smuggling cases, examination in smuggling cases (Specialists program),international legal aid in criminal legal proceedings, problems of using special knowledge in criminal justice, topical problems of procedural status of an individual in the sphere of criminal procedural activity, theoretical problems of criminal justice, judicial proceedings in criminal cases, restorative justice in criminal cases (Master program).

Scientific publications of lecturers; Bobechko N. Appealing in Criminal Proceedings of Ukraine: Manual.-Lviv, 2007; Bobechko N. Appeal and cassation appeal of court’s decision in criminal justice ofUkraine. Scientific-practical manual.- Kyiv, 2010; V. Boiko Rules of Inadmissible Worsening of the Defendant State as Procedural Guarantees. Monograph, Kyiv.-2008; I. Holovatskyy Counsel for the Defense Activity in Criminal Proceedings. Manual, Kyiv, 2003; Z. Hulkevych Documentation of Investigation Proceedings: Procedural and Criminal Research.Lviv, 2008; Kohutych I. Using Criminalistic Knowledge and Means of Criminal Tactics and Methods during the Trial. Monograph, Lviv, 2009;I. Kohutych, V. Nor, Use of Criminal Knowledge during the Trial. Scientific- practical manual. Lviv, Kyiv, 2010; I. KohutychTraining- Methodical Manual for Laboratory and Practical Studies for Individual Work in “Criminalistics”. /I. Kohutych, Z. Hulkevych, Y. Bereskyi and others. Lviv, 2010; I. Kohutych Criminalistics.Kyiv, 2007; I. KohutychCriminalistics: Methods peculiarities of investigation of certain types of crimes. Lecture textbook, Lviv, 2005; I. KohutychInternational Legal Aid and Cooperation in Criminal Justice of Ukraine.   Specific course Manual. -Lviv, 2005; Kohutych I. Essentiality and need of widening of extended scopes of criminalistics knowledge use. Monography.Lviv, 2008; Kohutych I. Nor. V. Pavlyshyn A. Public prosecutor’ s supervision of Ukraine: Course of lectures for students of higher law educational units. Kyiv, 2004. Criminal procedure of Ukraine: Tests: a manual. / [V.Nor. A. Malaniuk, N. Bobechok, A. Pavlyshyn, V. Boiko, M. Huzela] edited by doctor of science of Law V. Nor. Kyiv, 2010. Criminal procedure of Ukraine: practical work. Training manual (seal Ministry of Education of Ukraine of Ukraine) board of the authors V. Nor, V. Boiko, M. Huzela, A.Malaniuk, A. Pavlyshyn.- Kyiv, 2007; Criminal procedural code of Ukraine. Scientific-practical commentary. Edited by V. Maliarenko, V. Honcharenko. Kyiv, 2004, in co-authorship (V. Nor contribution -4,8 p.p); MyheienkoM., Nor V. Shybiko V. Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. Kyiv,1999; Nor V. The activity of bodies of pretrial   investigation as to property and non-property rights and legal interest of victims’ protection/V. Nor; Legal system of Ukraine: history, current state and perspectives: in 5 vol. Criminal legal sciences. Essential problems of combating against crimein Ukraine; edited by V. Stashys. – X.: Law, 2008.- p. 460-484 (1.2 p. p); V. Nor, IKohutych, A. Pavlyshyn. Practical Work on Public Prosecutor’s Supervision in Ukraine: a manual. Lviv, 2009; V. Nor, A. Pavlyshyn. Court Expenses in Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. Monography.Kyiv, 2003; Practical work on criminalistics. Criminalistic tactics and investigation methods of certain types of crimes. Collective authorship: I. Kohutych, Z. Hulkevych, Y. Bereskyi, Lviv, 2002; N. Fedorchuk, V. Nor, Defense of the rights of crime victims in Anglo – American legal system and in criminal justice of Ukraine: monograph. Kyiv, 2009.

The department cooperates with similar departments of the other higher educational establishments and faculties of Ukraine, in particular: The Faculty of Law of Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko, National Law Academy named after YaroslavMudryi(Kharkiv), National University “Odessa National Law Academy”, the Bar Academy of Ukraine, Pre – Carpathian National University named after V. Stefanyk, Wroclaw University and others. Cooperation with them is manifested in scientific conferences, publishing of articles in scientific collections, in critique review of textbooks, manuals, research publications, articles.


ChairpersonVasyl NorChairperson
ProfessorNazar BobechkoProfessor
ProfessorIvan KohutychProfessor
Associate ProfessorMykola BahriiAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorYaroslav BereskyiAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVolodymyr BoikoAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVolodymyr FihurskyiAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorZinovii HulkevychAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOksana KaluzhnaAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorUliana KovnaAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVasyl LutsykAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorAndrii MalaniukAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorMarta MazurAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorValentyn MuradovAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorAnatolii NaidaAssociate Professor
Associate Professor (by-worker)Andrii PavlyshynAssociate Professor (by-worker)
Associate ProfessorMarta ShevchukAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorAlona VoinarovychAssociate Professor
Senior LecturerNataliia BaievaSenior Lecturer
LecturerNatalia MaksymyshynLecturer
LecturerSvitlana RafalontLecturer
LecturerKhrystyna SliusarchukLecturer
LecturerRuslan YezerskyiLecturer

Lecturers' schedule

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The goal of promoting the project idea and forming around it a community of interested participants has been successfully achieved.
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Presentation of the Research Works Performed by the Teachers of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure

04.10.2022 | 10:35

Presentation of the research works performed by the teachers of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of the Faculty of Law took place on August 29, 2022, at the meeting of the department. These are the following: “Family Law of Ukraine” (study guide) by Professor Diakovych M. M. and “Legal Regulation of Inheritance Relationships in International Private Law” (monograph) by Associate Professor Mykhailiv M. O.
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Dear students, we invite you to get acquainted with the schedule of “Welcome-week”.
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