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The Department of Labor, Agrarian and Environmental Law is one of the leading departments of the Faculty of Law inI. Franko Lviv National University. It was established due to the reorganization of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure on April 01, 1976, and was named as the Department of Labor, Land and Collective Rights. At that time the department consisted only of 5 people, namely, R.I. Kondratyev – chairperson of the department, a docent N. I.Titov, T.I. Tsyhylyk and senior Lecturers S.F. Vasylyuk and Ya.I. Bezugla.

In 1991 P. D. Pylypenko, a docent, headed the Department and the department received its present name. The development of the department in the 90s of the 20th century was also associated with pedagogical and research activities of associateprofessor N. B. Bolotina and Prof. S.M. Kravchenko.

Within the department a scientific school of labor law under the supervision of Professor. P.D. Pylypenko is functioning, whohas actually developed and gave a new direction for scientific activity of Lviv Scientific School of Labor Law. With the works of this scholara new understanding of the theory of labor law during Ukraine’s transition period to a market economy is associated. He explained from the position of natural law thinking new approaches to the concept, subject, method, principles, social purpose, functions, system, sources of national labor law as well as to labor relations and the grounds of their origin.

The members of the scientific school are the following docents: V. Ya. Burak, S. M. Synchuk, Z.Y. Kozak,O.I.ZholnovychO.I.Kulchytska, O. M. Rym and others. The department provides teaching courses for students of “Labor Law”, “The right to Social Security”, “Environmental Law of Ukraine”, “Land Law of Ukraine”, “Fundamentals of Labor Safety” and trains Specialists on specialty “Ensuring of social and economic rights citizens” and Masters on “Socio-legal specialization”.

Nowadaysthe scientific and pedagogical support of the educational process at the department is carried out by one Doctor of Law and 17 candidates of law. The lecturers of the departmenthave prepared a number of textbooks and manuals on the subjects taught at the department. They are the following: Labor Law of Ukraine: textbook. [For students of legalspecialties at higher educational institutions, P.D. Pylypenko, V.Ya. Burak, Z.Ya. Kozak, etc.], Edited by P.D. Pylypenko, 5th ed., Revised and supplemented, Kyiv, InYure, 2014, 536 p.; Labour Protection in The Field of Jurisprudence: a manual for students of higher educational institutions/ P.D. Pylypenko, O.I. Zholnovych, Z.Ya. Kozak, etc.],Edited by P.D. Pylypenko, Kyiv, InYure, 2013, 272 p.; Law of Social Security of Ukraine,a textbook [For students of legal specialties at higher educational institutions / P.D.Pylypenko, V.Ya.Burak, S.M. Synchuk, etc.]/ Edited by P.D. Pylypenko, 3rd ed., Revised and supplemented, Kyiv, InYure, 2010, 504 p.; Environmental Law,a manual for students of higher educational institutions, P.D.Pylypenko, V.I Fedorovych., M.YaVaschyshyn [et al.] Edited by P.D. Pylypenko,Kyiv, InYure, 2010. – 401 p.

Lecturers of the department take part in different scientific events on national and international level.


ChairpersonPylyp PylypenkoChairperson
ProfessorSvitlana SynchukProfessor
Associate ProfessorNataliia BarabashAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVolodymyr BurakAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVolodymyr FedorovychAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOlena KulchytskaAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorDanylo LeshchukhAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorTetiana ParpanAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOlena RymAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorOksana StasivAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorVolodymyr StrepkoAssociate Professor
Associate ProfessorMariia VashchyshynAssociate Professor
LecturerMyroslava BukLecturer
LecturerKhrystyna ChopkoLecturer
LecturerIhor FurykLecturer
LecturerOksana HirnykLecturer
LecturerOlha MalanchukLecturer
LecturerIhor OleksivLecturer
LecturerNazar ShparykLecturer
LecturerDmytro ShvetsLecturer
LecturerMariia VistakLecturer
LecturerTaras ZhyravetskyiLecturer

“Welcome-week”: schedule

28.08.2020 | 19:23

Dear students, we invite you to get acquainted with the schedule of “Welcome-week”.
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3 – year
4 – year

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