Ivan Kohutych

Position: Professor, Criminal procedure and criminalistics Department

Scientific degree: Doctor of Law Sciences

Research interests

Professor, Doctor of Law.

R.N. – 26.I.1961 – Candidate of Law (Negative circumstances and their use in the practice of crime investigation, 2000), Assoc. (2001), Doctor of Laws (Theoretical Foundations of the Use of Forensic Knowledge in Criminal Proceedings in Court, 2010), Professor (2012).

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Ivan Franko University of Lviv (1987). 1987 – 93 investigator, investigator – criminologist, senior investigator, senior assistant prosecutor of the military prosecutor’s office of the Lviv garrison; 1993-99 Assistant of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure, 1999 – 2001 Assistant, since 2001 Associate Professor, since 2012 Professor of the Department of Crime of Process and Criminology of Ivan Franko University of Lviv.

Since 2012 – Member of the Specialized Academic Council D 35.051.03 for the defense of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Laws in specialties 12.00.01 – Theory and History of State and Law; history of political and legal sciences and 12.00.09 – criminal procedure and criminology; forensic examination; operatively – search activity.

Under the scientific guidance seven dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Law were defended.


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