Without a doubt, computer is an important feature of our time and its role is projected to increase in the future. It is an essential attribute of all modern human activities: business, science and culture. In such circumstances, qualified information technology professionals who are able to set objectives, build mathematical models, analyze methods of their solution and code algorithms for their implementation in computer language are increasingly needed in society both in Ukraine and abroad. Over the past few years, Lviv deservedly became a center of information technologies in Ukraine. In 2009, the KPMG company recognized Lviv as one of the most promising cities for outsourcing in the field of IT industry. The information technology sector is estimated to involve more than 6000 employees, and the number is growing every year. The pace of the industry development in 2014-2015 years is projected at an average of 20%, which is nearly 2,000 skilled IT professionals needed in the industry annually. Therefore, new trends in training were created, including important branch of System Science and Cybernetics. The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science provides training of bachelors, specialists and masters in this field in specialties of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Systems Analysis.

Scientific and teaching work at the faculty is provided by seven departments: Computational Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Theory of Optimal Processes, Programming, Information Systems, Discrete Analysis and Intelligent Systems, Mathematical Modeling of Social and Economic Processes. At these departments work eight professors and thirty-five docents.

During education at the University, our students obtain thorough all-purpose mathematical preparation. They study courses of Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Geometry, Differential Equations and Equations of Mathematical Physics and so on. Professional training is provided by courses of Discrete Mathematics and Computer Programming, Software Engineering, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Numerical Methods, Optimization, Operations Research, Functional Analysis, Database Design, Modern Information Technology, Computer Graphics, Object-Oriented Programming, Theory of Computer Networking, Web Design, Mathematical Models of Technical, Economic and Social Systems as well as specific courses that are directly related to a specific field of study and specialization.

Students of the faculty master modern information technology in computer labs equipped with the latest technology. They are invited to practice at well-known IT companies as well as leading organizations of Lviv region – research institutes of the Academy of Sciences, banks, tax administration agencies and others. High skill level of faculty alumni gives them guaranteed employment prospect. Master graduates may continue post-graduate studies at the faculty. Every year students and graduates win international grants for master and post-graduate studies in leading universities in Europe.


Students of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science are actively engaged in scientific research, participate in student competitions, student research contests and student conferences. Every year, the International Student Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computer Science is held. In 2007, students of the faculty won first prize at the International Students Programming Contest, held in Bucharest (Romania), and in April 2008 won a gold medal at the World Programming Olympiad in Canada. It was the first time in the history of Ukraine that such a success on Students Programming Contest has been achieved, and faculty is proud of raising those students.


Student life at the Faculty is interesting and diverse. News and hot topics discussion of student life on the faculty can be found on the student website In addition to serious scientific clubs, students show remarkable ability in the “What? Where? When?” club, KVN club and artistic groups. On annual faculty championship, football fans can not only compete among themselves but also challenge teams of teachers and graduates.

For all young people who have a thing for mathematics and are interested in computers, are ready to work diligently and creatively in order to gain promising and prestigious lifetime profession, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in Lviv National Ivan Franko University is the best choice.