Uliana Pliatsko


Plyatsko Ulyana Mykhailivna – (August 20, 1985, Lviv) – Candidate of Law (Restriction of Real Rights, 2014). She graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of Lviv University (2009), postgraduate studies (2013). Since 2014 he has been an assistant professor at the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of Lviv University. Research interests: civil law, commercial law, private international law 20 works, in particular the Employment Agreement as a basis for restriction of property rights (Scientific Bulletin of Uzhhorod National University. Law series. – 2013. – № 21 (part 1); Mortgage agreement as a basis for restriction of property rights. State and law: a collection of scientific papers. – 2013. – № 60 (part 1).) Encumbrance of property ownership (Visnyk of Lviv National University. Legal series. – 2013. – № 58.); Restriction of property rights on the basis of agreements on the transfer of property ownership (Journal of Kyiv University) – 2013. –ных 2013/2.); Restrictions of real rights on the basis of agreements on the transfer of property for use (Theory and practice of social development. – 2013. – № 10.); Legal nature of mortgage relations – Forum of law. – 2012 Restriction of land rights on the basis of land easement (Legal support of state policy at the present stage of its development: materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, Donetsk, April 20-21, 2013). ). – in 2 volumes – Don Central Committee: East Ukrainian Scientific Legal Organization, 2013. – Vol. 1); Agreements on gratuitous transfer of property in the context of restriction of property rights (International and national legal dimensions of ensuring stability: materials of the International scientific-practical conference) (Lviv, April 19-20, 2013) – Lviv: Western Ukrainian organization Center legal initiatives ”, 2013. – in 2 parts. – Part 1); Legislative restrictions on property rights in hereditary relations (Influence of legal science on the development of international and national legislation: materials of the International scientific-practical conference (Kharkiv, March 21-22, 2014). – H .: NGO Association of Postgraduate Students -Lawyers ”, 2014); Legislative restrictions on the property rights of co-owners (Problems of state formation and protection of human rights in Ukraine: materials of the XXI reporting scientific-practical conference) (Lviv, February 12-13, 2015): at 2 p.m. Part 1. – Lviv: Faculty of Law, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 2015).


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