International Contract Law

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Course description

Summary. International contract law is a legal academic discipline that is called to help students learn basic legal contract terminology and the practice of drawing international business and civil English language contracts.

Aim: formation of knowledge and practical skills necessary for a lawyer to successfully carry out law enforcement activities in the field of international contract relations; drawing international contracts; summarizing and learning from the positive experience of international business subjects and individual persons.

Objective: the practice of applying international contract law; the legal activity in drawing international contracts.

Learning outcomes: it is expected that after the course students will be able to:

  • improve knowledge in the field of international contract terminology and practice;
  • develop writing skills in the area of drawing international contracts;
  • create different types of international contracts;
  • use their new skills during the negotiations on the conclusion of the international contracts;
  • discuss and substantiate their opinion about scientific and practical issues; clearly and reasonably present the results of the study in written papers (essays, articles, abstracts, etc.);
  • analyze and critically reflect on legal documents, contracts, scientific works; search for legal documents, contracts, legal acts, court decisions scientific works, through various domestic and foreign search engines.

Teaching the discipline involves lecturing, conducting practical classes, writing by students written papers and taking a test.

Recommended Literature

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  4. United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Vienna, 11 April 1980, S.Treaty Document Number 98-9 (1984), UN Document Number A/CONF 97/19, 1489 UNTS 3.
  5. Luca G. Castellani, The Contribution of UNCITRAL to the Harmonization of International Sale of Goods Law Besides the CISG, Belgrade Law Review, Year LIX (2011) no. 3 pp. 28-38, at 28-33.


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We begin learning in the International Contract Law  course on the Moodle Distance Learning platform. You are already enrolled in the course. To start learning you need to follow the following link: .


Materials for distance learning

Lesson 1. International Contracts: definition, meaning and theoretical characteristics

Lesson plan 1 ; Lecture 1 

Lesson 2. International sales contract

Lesson plan 2 ; Lecture 2Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Lesson 3. Terminology and grammar peculiarities of international English language contracts

Lesson plan 3 ; Lexical and Grammatical Feature of English Used in Contract .


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