Stepan Kossak

Position: Associate Professor, Civil law and procedure Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Law Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor


Kossak Stepan Mykhailovych (January 9, 1968, Drohobych, Lviv Region) – Candidate of Law (Peculiarities of Judiciary in Cases Arising from Labor Relations, 1998). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Lviv University (1994), postgraduate studies (1997). Since 1998 he has been an associate professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure at Lviv University. Research interests: civil procedural law of Ukraine, comparative civil procedural law of Ukraine and foreign countries. About 50 works, in particular, Correspondence consideration of the case under the procedural legislation of Ukraine and foreign countries (Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law. – 06/2007. – N6); Jurisdiction of the labor court (Lviv, 1998); Resolution of labor disputes by the court (Lviv, 1998); Scientific and practical commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine (K, 2004,2008; et al.); Settlement agreement in arbitration (Legal Adviser. – 2009. – №4.); Amicable settlement agreement (Prospects for the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Ukraine: Proceedings of the Second Lviv International Forum. – Lviv, 2009.); Subjects of civil law (X., 2009; et al.) Economic Code of Ukraine. Scientific and practical commentary (K., 2010; et al.); Judicial practice as a source of law (Civil procedural thought: Collection of scientific articles; Edited by Fursy S.Ya. – K., 2012.); Some issues of proceedings in the order of section XIV-1 of the Code of Civil Procedure of Ukraine (Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): materials of the Sixth Lviv International Forum (Lviv, May 30-31, 2013); Civil Law of Ukraine: textbook: in 2 vols. authors, edited by GB Yanovytska, VO Kuchera (Lviv, 2014; with co-author); Issues of delimitation of court jurisdiction (Problems of state formation and protection of human rights in Ukraine: Proceedings of the XXI reporting scientific-practical conference 12-13 February 2015 – Lviv) Kossak SM – Judge of the Commercial Court of Lviv region.


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