Oksana Hryshchuk


GRISHCHUK Oksana Viktorivna (October 12, 1977, Lviv) – lawyer, Ph.D. jurid. Sciences (Human right to compensation for moral damage: general theoretical aspects, 2002), Assoc. (2007), Dr. Jurid. Sciences (Human Dignity in Law: Philosophical Aspect, 2008), prof. (2015). She graduated with honors in law. Lviv. University (1999), postgraduate studies (2002). In 2002–05 assistant professor, 2005–09 Assoc. kaf. theory and history of state and law, since 2010 prof. kaf. theory and philosophy of law Lviv. un-tu. She completed research internships at the University of Vienna (2001), the University of Wrocław (2004), and the Catholic University of Lublin (2011).

Under the leadership of Gryshchuk OV 12 candidate dissertations were defended. Provides scientific guidance to 5 graduate students. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal “Visnyk of Lviv National University. Legal Series ”,“ Ukrainian Journal of Constitutional Law ”. He is a member of the specialized academic council D 41.086.04 at the National University “Odessa Law Academy” and D 35.052.19 at the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”.


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