Uliana Yarymovych

Position: Associate Professor, Civil law and procedure Department


Yarymovych Ulyana Volodymyrivna – (March 25, 1986, Lviv) – Candidate of Law (Acquisition of corporate rights as a form of investment, 2012). She graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law of Lviv University (2008). Since 2011 assistant professor, since 2018 associate professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure of Lviv University. About 40 works, in particular, Invalidation of a transaction committed by a legal entity as a way to protect the corporate rights of its participant (Lawyer – 2013. – № 3.); Austrian experience in introducing and functioning of mediation as one of the alternative methods of dispute resolution (Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR): materials of the Sixth Lviv International Forum – Lviv: Lviv Regional Institute of Public Administration, National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine, 2013); Concluding agreements on the purchase of additional shares during their private placement (Bulletin of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. – 2014. – № 2.).


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