Ihor Yakubivskyi

Position: Professor, Civil law and procedure Department


Yakubivsky Ihor Yevhenovych – (March 22, 1977, Ternopil) – Candidate of Law (Financial Leasing Agreement, 2003), Associate Professor (2009). He graduated from the Ternopil Academy of National Economy (1998), the Faculty of Law of Lviv University (2002), postgraduate studies (2002). About 90 works, in particular, Intellectual Property Law (K., 2007; et al.); Agreements on the disposal of intellectual property rights under the laws of Ukraine (Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law. 2007. № 8); Scientific and practical commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine (K., 2008; et al.); Legal bases of introduction of property rights of intellectual property to the authorized capital of a business company (Legal Ukraine. 2009. № 3); Scientific and practical commentary on the Commercial Code of Ukraine (K., 2010; et al.); Legal nature of the right to payment (remuneration) in copyright (Theory and practice of intellectual property. – 2012. – №5 (67)); On the legal nature of agreements between collective management organizations and subjects of copyright and related rights (Theory and practice of intellectual property. – 2013. – № 5.); Exclusivity of intellectual property rights through the prism of civil law doctrine (Theory and practice of intellectual property. – 2013. – № 3 (71)); Intellectual property rights as objects of civil turnover (Law and innovation: scientific and practical journal. – 2014. – № 4 (8)); The emergence of intellectual property rights to the invention, utility model, industrial design (Journal of Civilization: Scientific and Practical Journal. – 2015. – Issue 18.). Judge of the permanent Arbitration Court at the Lviv CCI.


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