Nataliia Radanovych

Position: Associate Professor, Theory and philosophy of law Department


RADANOVYCH Natalia Mykolayivna (10.VIII.1973, Dubno, Rivne region) – lawyer, candidate of technical sciences jurid. Sciences (National Implementation of International Treaties on Human Rights: General Theoretical Research (Based on the Implementation of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms), 2000), Assoc. (2009). She graduated from law school. Lviv. University (1995), postgraduate studies (2000). In 1999–2003, Deputy Director of Science. works Lviv. College “Western Ukraine. college ”; 2001–08 Assoc. kaf. theory and history of state and law, since 2008 Assoc. kaf. theory and philosophy of law, 2003-2015 Deputy. dean of law. Lviv. un-tu.


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