Petro Rabinovych


Rabinovych Petro Moiseyovych (October 26, 1936, Kyiv) – lawyer, Ph.D. jurid. Sciences (Socialist Legitimacy and Expediency in Soviet Law, 1966), Assoc. (1968), Dr. Jurid. Sciences (Strengthening the rule of law – the laws of socialism (questions of theory and methodology of research), 1980), prof. (1983). He graduated from law school. Lviv. University (1959), part-time graduate school of the Institute of State and Law of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow, 1965). In 1959-61 he was a lawyer for Volyn. reg. Bar Association (Novovolynsk, Stara Vyzhivka); 1962–66 patent engineer, Kyiv. enterprises; 1966–67 assistant professor, 1968–81 docent, 1981–2008 prof. kaf. theory and history of state and law, since 2008 prof. kaf. theory and philosophy of law Lviv. un-tu; since 1996 head. Lviv. lab. Human Rights of the Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine (since 2001 Lviv Laboratory of Human and Citizen Rights of the Research Institute of State Building and Local Self-Government of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine).


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