Nadiia Levytska


She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Has practical experience as a lawyer as Deputy Chief and Acting Head of the Personnel Department of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.

Conducts lecture courses in the following disciplines, namely: “Fundamentals of Law”, “Fundamentals of Labor Law”, “Commercial Law”, as well as conducts practical classes in the disciplines: “International Law”, “Intellectual Property”, “Fundamentals of Law”, ” Fundamentals of Labor Law ”,“ Commercial Law ”,“ Human Rights and Their Protection ”.

Areas of research: 12.00.01 – Theory and history of state and law; history of the doctrines of law and the state

Performance indicators:

Brief description of the most important scientific result:
Levitska NO Normative and legal institute: general theoretical characteristics. – – .dis. … Cand. jurid. Science. – Lviv, 2013. – 179 p.

The result is a theoretical fundamental scientific research.

The subject of the study is the main general laws of legal institutions, features and trends of their development in Ukraine.

The features of the normative-legal institute as a phenomenon are revealed, the author’s concept “normative-legal institute” is defined, its structure is clarified: norm-forming, norm-providing and norm-servicing parts. The main types of normative-legal institutions are singled out and the correlation with such related concepts as “institute of law”, “institute of legislation” is revealed and the correspondence of the new concept to modern realities and the need to introduce it into the conceptual-categorical apparatus is proved. The signs of the main types of normative-legal institutes are revealed: branch, public-law, private-law, material-legal, procedural-legal and the definition of their concepts is formulated.

The current state of formation and functioning of domestic normative-legal institutes is characterized, the role and place of normative-legal institutes in the branch structure of the system of sources of law of Ukraine is clarified, the main problems are identified: imbalance of branch structure of the system of sources of law of Ukraine. basic sectoral provisions, the formation of new legal institutions without due regard for the current system of sources of law. The paper suggests ways to overcome these problems.

The work can be used in the educational process.


Effectiveness of work: published about 30 scientific papers.


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