Svitlana Lepekh

Position: Associate Professor, Civil law and procedure Department


Lepekh Svitlana Mykhailivna – (March 17, 1975, Lviv) – Cand. jurid. Sciences (Credit Agreement, 2004), Associate Professor (2010). She graduated with honors in law. Lviv. University (1997). In 1998-2005 – assistant, 2005-07 – senior. teacher, since 2007 Assoc. kaf. civilians. rights and process Lviv. un-tu. More than 80 works, including Family Law of Ukraine (Lviv, 2010); Jurisprudence: a textbook for students of higher educational institutions (Kharkiv, 2014 et al.); Scientific and practical commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine (K., 2004, 2008 et al.); Subject of the loan agreement (VLU. Ser. Jurid. 2000. Issue 35); Institute of Separation: Problems of Application (Law of Ukraine. 2003. № 3); Problems of contractual regulation of bank consumer lending in Ukraine (Entrepreneurship, Economy and Law. 2009. № 3); Problems of realization of the rights to the conclusion and termination of the marriage contract (VLU Ser. Jurid. 2008. Issue 47); Problems of applying the current regulation of conditions on banking services to European standards (W POL DROGI. Law of conditions and unification of European private law. Krakow, 2007) Foster care as a form of placement of orphans and children deprived of parental care. 2005. Issue 41); Deprivation and resolution of minorities related to family law of Ukraine (On the basis of family law and registration of civil status: Monograph. Lublin, 2007); Agreement on attracting a contribution (deposit) by a credit union (Journal of the Bar Academy of Ukraine. – 2012. № 3.); Features of the legal status of one of the spouses as a borrower (VLU. Ser. Legal. 2013. юриди 57.); Basic principles of legal regulation of consumer lending in Ukraine (Wroclawsko-Lwowskie zeszyty prawnicze 2013. № 4); Legal regime of money as joint property of spouses (Law of Ukraine. 2013. № 10); Termination of obligations under a consumer loan agreement at the request of one of the parties (Journal of Kyiv University of Law. 2015. №1).


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