Volodymyr Kossak

Position: Chairperson, Civil law and procedure Department


Kossak Volodymyr Mykhailovych – (September 22, 1955, Sambir, Lviv Region) Candidate of Law (Legal regulation of terms in contractual relations for capital construction, 1985), Associate Professor (1992), Doctor of Law (Civil Law Problems of Regulation of Foreign Investments in Ukraine, 1996), professor (2001). He studied at the Drohobych Mechanical College (1970-74). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of Lviv University (1981), postgraduate studies (1985), doctoral studies (1996). In 1974-1976 service in the army; 1981-1982 Head of the Forensic Laboratory of the Faculty of Law, 1985-1992 Assistant Professor of Civil Law and Procedure, 1992-1993 Associate Professor of International Law, 1996-1997 Associate Professor, since 1997 Professor, since 1998 Head of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Lviv University.

Supervisor of 35 candidate, consultant of 4 doctoral dissertations.

Kossak VM is the author of more than 200 works. Significant and valuable is the contribution of VM Kossak in the preparation of textbooks and manuals for the course “Civil Law of Ukraine”. He is the co-author of 9 textbooks “Civil Law of Ukraine”. The textbook “Legal Regulation of Foreign Investments and International Technical Assistance” in 2009 was recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a base for law schools and faculties. Edited by Professor Kossak VM prepared two editions of Scientific and Practical Commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine in the publishing house “Truth” in 2004 and 2008. (Scientific – practical commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine. – K .: Truth, 2004; Scientific and practical commentary on the Civil Code of Ukraine. – K .: Truth, 2008). Edited by Professor Kossak VM in 2010 a Scientific and Practical Commentary on the Commercial Code of Ukraine was prepared (Economic Code of Ukraine: scientific and practical commentary: edited by VM Kossak – K: Alert: KNT-CUL, 2010). In addition, Volodymyr Mykhailovych is a co-author of 6 other scientific and practical publications on the Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine.

Fluent in German and Polish, he has been invited many times to speak at international conferences and give lectures at universities in Austria, Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany. Scientific works of Professor Kossak VM published in foreign publications. Kossak VM is the author of 20 scientific publications in scientific journals in Austria, Poland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland on the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the law of the European Union. In particular, Sicherungsmittel bei Kreditgewährung in der Ukraine (Das Recht der Kreditsicherung in Zentral – und Osteropa, – Wien: Manzsche Verlags – und Universitätsbuchhandlung, 2014); Consumer rights in Ukraine (Die Umsetzung der Verbraucherechte-Richtlinie in den Staaten Zentral- und Osteuropas, Herausgeber: Welser Rudolf, 2015); Protection of trade secrets in commercial disputes in Ukraine (Dyskrecjonalność w sprawach z udzialem przedsiębiorców. Tarnobrzeg, 2015).

The creative achievements of Professor Kossak VM, as the founder of the school of investment law in Ukraine, are reflected in the works “Foreign investment in Ukraine (civil law aspects)” (Lviv, 1996); “Legal bases of foreign investment in Ukraine” (Lviv, 1999); textbook “Private International Law. General part “, ed. A.S. Dowgert and VI Kisil.- K .: Alerta, 2012. (section “Modern stage of domestic science of private international law”); article “Science of private international law in independent Ukraine (1991-2012)” // Law of Ukraine. – 2013 – №7; Essays on private international law. Vip. 3.- K .: Alert, 2014. – (Chapter 1 “Studies in the history of private international law”).

A separate area of ​​research interests of Vladimir Mikhailovich is international private relations. He is the author of publications on the problems of conflict regulation of property rights, contractual relations with the participation of a foreign element. Considerable attention in scientific publications VM Kossaka was devoted to the problematic issues of application of the Vienna Convention of 1980. on the international agreement of purchase and sale of goods in the national legislation of Ukraine.

Scientific research of prof. Kossaka VM embodied in rule-making and law enforcement activities. He took part in the development of draft laws, prepares conclusions on the requests of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on draft decisions. Kossak VM is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board at the courts of cassation.

Along with the scientific and pedagogical activities of VM Kossak takes an active part in public life. He is a member of the commission of the Lviv Regional Council of Deputies on the restoration of the rights of illegally repressed citizens. Member of the editorial boards of scientific publications: “Bulletin of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv series Law”; “Sociology of Law”; “Small and medium business”; “Problems of Civil Law and Procedure” of the Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

Scientific and pedagogical activity of VM Kossak combines with practical. He is the chairman of the arbitration court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Lviv region, Judge V.


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