Dmytro Hudyma

Position: Associate Professor, Theory and philosophy of law Department


27.VІІ.1981, Lviv

Lawyer, Ph.D. jurid. Sciences (Human Rights: Anthropological and Methodological Principles of Research, 2008). He graduated with honors in law. Lviv. University (2003), postgraduate studies in Lviv. University (2007). Master of Laws (2003). Since 2006 – lawyer; entrepreneur. In 2003 – legal adviser of LLC NVKP “Geoservice”; 2003–04 Legal Adviser of ZRF JSCB “Transbank” in Lviv and the branch of “Ukrinteravtoservice-Lviv” of UDP “Ukrinteravtoservice”; 2005 – assistant. kaf. head jurid. dist. Western Ukraine etc. inform. technologist and management. at DonSUU. Since 2003 – science. collaborator. lab. research. theoret. human rights issues jurid. Lviv. un-tu; 2007–08 – legal adviser to the commune. support Lviv. reg. council “Restoration and management of castles and palaces of Lviv region”; 2004–08 – Assist. kaf. theor. and East. state and law jurid. Lviv. un-tu; 2008-10 – assistant, and since 2010 – docent. kaf. theor. and philosophy. rights of this f-tu. Science. interests: philosophy of law, anthropology of law, theory of law, human rights, Europe. system of their protection. Bl. 50 sciences. works, in short, Philosophy of Law: Problems and Approaches (Lviv, 2005; co-author); Human rights: socio-anthropological dimension (Lviv, 2006; co-author); Human rights: anthropological approaches to their study (Lviv, 2009). Member of org. committees 6 all-Ukrainian. and international. circle. tables on the anthropology of law (2005-10). Coordinator of the NGO “Harmony and Order” (since 2010). The head of grace. Democratic Values ​​Foundation (since 2010). Member of the Front for Change (since 2010), the Ukrainian Bar Association (since 2007), the Ukrainian Community (formerly the Young Leaders Forum of Ukraine; since 2008), and the Public Law Research Center (since 2008; Russia). In 2010 he was elected a member of the Coordination Council of Young Lawyers of Ukraine at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Works in the supply sector. uch. legal young people in rule-making processes. Prepared and submitted a proposal. to the Constitution of Ukraine, draft Laws of Ukraine “On Internal Trade” and “On Public Organizations”. Co-author of the draft Law of Ukraine “On Improving the Simplified System of Taxation, Accounting and Reporting of Small Business Entities”. In 2005 – LODA and Lviv Prize. reg. for the sake of. for workers. v.n.z. area. Internship programs: “Assistant to the Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine” of the Program of Assistance to the Parliament of Ukraine (Department of Relations with the Judiciary of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2002–03); Program of the US Congress “Open World” in the field of “Rule of Law” (Washington, DC, USA; Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA, 2008). Intern. program qual. in the field of “Modern Theory of Law” (HESP ReSET, 2007–09); Intern. program qual. in the field of “Philosophy of Human Rights” (HESPReSET, 2010–12).


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