Justice and Home Affairs Agencies in the European Union

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Опис курсу

Aims and objectives: To help students acquire the knowledge and skills on how to analyze, understand and critically evaluate the issues and their solutions in the area of EU justice and home affairs.

Description: The course concentrates on the analysis of one field of EU policies – the field of justice and home affairs, which directly affects the lives of European citizens. The course has a number of objectives. First, it should provide students overview of the specific features of EU policies in the field of Freedom, Security and Justice, and explain their origins; identify how these features influence decision-making processes, and how they are translated in the different policies. Second, it should provide students overview of the  features of criminal justice systems of some European country (Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, France etc.)

Third, it should contribute to the students overall intellectual skills and ability to think in a critical manner. To accomplish these mentioned things, the course requires students to engage in different types of assignments and activities that will help develop students’ knowledge and understanding of EU policies.

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